Just Be Nice® School Program

JBN_School-Grunge_flatSpreading a positive message within our youth community is paramount to healthy and happy attitudes. This simple message, “Just Be Nice”, is a great reminder of how we can live our lives in a more positive way. Whether it be an effective anti-bullying campaign, Peace Week, a Random Act of Kindness or a general fundraiser, the Just Be Nice School Program is a fantastic way to create a lasting, positive impression on our students’ lives.

We are passionate about reaching students and faculty all across the country by offering our great merchandise to schools. Our brand new school program offers quality Just Be Nice merchandise to schools. We have packaged t-shirts for your school with greatly discounted prices. Order 12, 24, 48 or more in multiples of 12.


Need some ideas on how to promote the positive message in your school. Organize a Peace Week with your colleagues and wear your Just Be Nice t-shirt to promote the strong message of kindness, or maybe a Random Act of Kindness Week or a Just Be Nice week. Have other ideas you would like to share with us? Simply send us a note and we will share your ideas with other schools. We have worked really hard to include wholesale discounted pricing specifically for your school program.

We, at Just Be Nice, believe schools should have a healthy environment that promotes growth – both mentally and emotionally.


About Just Be Nice
Just Be Nice is an international movement with a simple message, just be nice. These three simple, yet powerful words transcend through our culture as a positive lifelong message of kindness. We spread this meaningful message with help from people like you, through our retail website justbenice.com, grassroots efforts, our School Program and our Just Be Nice Foundation which is our non-profit fundraising program.

We also offer high quality t-shirts, stickers, mugs and more.

Interested? Click on the contact form below to bring Just Be Nice into your school! Together we really can make a difference.

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