Our Story

Just Be Nice® is an international movement with a simple message, just be nice. These three simple, yet powerful words transcend through our culture as a positive lifelong message of kindness. We spread this meaningful message with help from people like you, through our retail website justbenice.com, grassroots efforts, our School Program and our Just Be Nice Foundation which is our non-profit fundraising program. We offer high quality t-shirts, stickers, mugs and more.


Meet The Just Be Nice Owners
And Sisters

Finley and Kat Mason were born in Atlanta, Georgia and grew up in Tampa, Florida. Their passion for being nice to others was nurtured by their parents. In 2008 their father George Mason, whom originally started Just Be Nice, unexpectedly passed away. Finley and Kat then decided that they would carry on with the project and try to make a difference in the world. See the full story below.

Kat’s spirit not only comes from her humble upbringing, but right before her 20th birthday she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and had to go undergo radiation therapy and chemotherapy. She made a full recovery within a year and returned to school. Kat is currently living in Chicago and loves to help people and animals alike. She also loves to travel, exercise and spend a lot of time outdoors. Kat is currently holding the position of Vice President of Marketing at Just Be Nice. You can contact her at kat@justbenice.com.

Finley, like her sister Kat, has made it a life-long mission to spread the “Just Be Nice” message. Her passion for supporting non-profits is evident with her work at the Children’s Tumor Foundation (CTF) . For several years, Finley has organized a Just Be Nice team to participate in the CTF Undie Run and has helped raise thousands of dollars for the cause. After leaving Tampa, Finley moved to Los Angeles to work as an intern for NBC in the Entertainment Division. In the summer of 2007, Finley realized she needed a major lifestyle change and decided to relocate to Denver that very same year. Finley’s interests and hobbies include tennis, skiing, and anything else the Colorado lifestyle has to offer. Finley is currently holding the position of Vice President of Operations. You can contact her at finley@justbenice.com.

Our Nice Story

TAMPA – It all started with a dream.

At first, George Mason dismissed the powerful dream, but this did nothing more than prompt its perpetual recurrence.

Then, over a decade ago, George decided to print a few hundred bumper stickers that said – Just Be Nice® (JBN).

He began sharing the Just Be Nice message.

It wasn’t out of the norm for George to leave a bumper sticker casually on a park bench, a stop sign, a coffee shop table, or really anywhere people might discover it and remember the inspiring message: Just Be Nice.

“His idea of promoting Just Be Nice was getting a daily cup of coffee and leaving behind a Just Be Nice card without anyone noticing,” Finley Mason said. She is one of two daughters left to carry forward the pure vision for their father.

George Mason was playful and had a really big heart. Witnessing the ways in which people responded to his three magic words was the driving force behind his work. He was a kind, compassionate man who sought to give back to the world in any way he could.

Shortly after his death, Finley and Kat Mason discovered much about the donations their father made over the years to both the local community and organizations around the world.

“He donated a lot of his time, care, and money,” Finley Mason said. “We didn’t know all that he gave back to the community until he passed away and people began to tell us.”

They knew their father as a playful person and someone who truly believed in the magic of a universal good.

But it wasn’t until the winter of 2008 – six months after his death – that Finley and Kat decided to pick up where their dad left off in the world.

That Christmas, they were in Maine for the holiday and made the amazing decision and commitment to carry on their family legacy, the Just Be Nice message. They agreed that before then they just weren’t ready.

The calls and e-mails began filtering back to them – story after story about their dad and JBN – that solidified their decision. By the summer of 2009, they looked to the future of Just Be Nice and prepared to expand upon their father’s dream.

Just Be Nice is such a simple message, but it’s something that people forget every day,” Kat Mason said. “I wanted to remind them, by wearing a Just Be Nice shirt, by putting a Just Be Nice sticker on my car and by using the Just Be Nice message as something positive to strive for on a daily basis.”

Like their father, they too believe in the universal good of all people and want to engage communities across the globe to Just Be Nice.

They care about the environment and the people of the world, just as George Mason did.

“Just be nice meant everything to our father, and he meant everything to us,” Kat said. “He would be so proud to know that our family will continue on with his work.”